Hire an ATM Service

Providing mobile ATMs to any type of event, large or small. learn more 

We deliver and setup for School fetes, Markets, Music festivals, Sporting events and remove the ATM once the event has finished. Locally owned and managed, we cover the Geelong and Western District; Geelong mobile ATMs will stop your patrons leaving your event to acquire cash, increase your profits for stallholders and event co-ordinators and best of all; offer ease of access to cash for your clients.


Geelong Mobile ATMs will:

  • Increase extra profit for your event.
  • Increase people to your venue.
  • Increase spending at your event.
  • Provide full signage to advertise the ATM
  • Deliver and man the site.
  • Reduce eftpos fees for stallholders.
  • Reduce customer queuing & frustration.
  • Geelong Mobile ATMs provide the cash and we are fully insured.
  • Event organisers are not responsible for any dispute that may arise.


“Geelong Mobile ATMs have created a great service to our customers at The Geelong Racing Club, especially for our major event The Geelong Cup.

The machines are reliable and it is great to take the ATMs to the people”.

Daniel Salter
Geelong Racing Club